Letters to the editor

Sun Prairie, the Metropolis and Urban Center in 2020 has been under a swarm of development progress as the sprawl has spread west towards Madison. But not just in that direction as developers and city council moved forward with disrupting the Sun Prairie downtown area.

The area where Sun Prairie’s history had its beginning back in time that began in the 1800’s.

In its infancy with history, Sun Prairie’s historical area began from the east end of East Main Street from the old viaduct going westward to the Jones Street block on West Main.

Every city on the map has its beginning. The story from every town’s local past continues today as a respected time of history.

So many of us appreciates Sun Prairie’s area of history. We lived it, we grew up with it, and we respect it.

Sun Prairie’s downtown Main Street has dwindled down to a sad two block area to remain untouchable. Sun Prairie’s 100 and 200 blocks of East Main St. were declared to remain on the National Register of Historic Places — — “only 2 blocks, readers!”

First off, the 300 block of East Main Street history was taken away with the interference of the three-story construction of the Cannery Apartments, then with the “eyesore” of today’s Municipal Building of its looks. This plan of the City Hall building shows not to blend in to the structural looks of a vintage downtown pattern.

Secondly, from the July 10, 2018 downtown disaster that destroyed a nightmare of our downtown historical treasures on Sun Prairie’s 100 block of West Main Street was a tragic loss of history.

From here, the city council has its chance now to take over this area of destruction to replace the cavity with the 2020 progress of modern times in a careless move to disrespect Sun Prairie’s area of history, since downtown West Main Street has no historical protection to save.

From here, in a sad and horrible way, so many of us are saddened and feel that progress ‘sucks’ when it comes to downtown Sun Prairie. No respect from the city at all.

In conclusion, Sun Prairie’s city elections are approaching in the spring of 2021. With what has taken place with our local city official decisions on the Sun Prairie growth issue and demolitions in this area, the public expresses to clean-up today’s city counsel reelection bids.

We need an official group on hand to deal with the growth issue, BUT also to preserve and respect Sun Prairie’s history.

Take the development elsewhere and leave downtown Sun Prairie alone.

Joy Reininger

Sun Prairie

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