Gary Hebl

I have numerous concerns regarding the governor’s budget plan, but felt it especially important to draw your immediate attention to the governor’s proposal to gut the University of Wisconsin system by slashing $300 million from its budget.

This decision, if left unchanged, will have long-lasting, devastating effects on the economic wellbeing and the quality of life of those residing and operating businesses in the 46th Assembly District.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison estimates that this latest round of cuts, along with Gov. Walker’s cuts from 2013, will result in a $91 million budget hole for the university next year.

Given the governor’s continued tuition freeze, UW-Madison will have few opportunities to offset these unprecedented cuts.

Chancellor Rebecca Blank has said that the university has already lost a preeminent researcher from the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, who withdrew from consideration due to proposed budget cuts. Top educators and researchers will inevitably look elsewhere if we continue to defund our universities, leading to a lower-quality education at what is now a top public university. The eventual result will be a lower-quality workforce in our area and across Wisconsin.

Businesses consistently list educational opportunities as one of the most important factors when looking to locate or expand in a certain area. They also consider local quality of life. UW-Madison serves as an economic and cultural hub for our district, and cutting its budget so drastically will have enduring, disastrous effects on our area’s growth potential.

Under Governor Walker’s budget, our higher education foundation will be crumbling. That foundation supports business interests across the state – and especially to local economies in close proximity to the state’s flagship university.

Our Assembly District includes some of the fastest-growing communities in the state. Our continued growth is unquestionably tied to the continued success of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I urge you to contact Governor Walker’s office and express your opposition to these unacceptable and unforgiving cuts to one of the greatest economic partners our district has at the address below:

Governor Scott Walker

115 East Capitol

Madison, WI 53702

(608) 266-1212

A successful UW means continued success for our communities. I don’t see this as a partisan battle. I see it as a fight for the continued growth and wellbeing of our district.

It is imperative that we fight for the best interest of the 46th Assembly District.

On Wisconsin!

Hebl, of Sun Prairie, represents the 46th Assembly District, which includes the cities of Sun Prairie and Stoughton, the village of Cottage Grove, and the townships of Cottage Grove, Dunkirk, Pleasant Springs, and Sun Prairie. Contact Hebl by phone at at (608) 266-7678 or via e-mail at

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