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On Wednesday, members of the Sun Prairie Area School District’s Boundary Task Force will meet at 6 p.m. in the Library Media Center at Sun Prairie High School, 888 Grove St.

The task force will meet to determine which boundaries for the district's middle schools.

In addition, all school attendance zones will be reviewed by the Boundary Task Force “to ensure balance and to safeguard that every school has space for future growth.”

That’s where parents and guardians come into the picture. You should be able to provide input about where your child will attend school.

The task force is allowing only 30 minutes for public comments (despite 90 minutes being allotted for the task force to discuss) so we’d suggest being brief with any comments.

Then again, we hope the task force set aside a proper amount of time so that each person who wants to speak at least once can do so.

We hope everyone who wants to make it to the high school on Wednesday will. Those who don’t want to be there, we hope, will be happy with the results.

Managing editor's note: This editorial was corrected July 12, 2017 to reflect corrected information incorrectly sent to The Star by the Sun Prairie Area School District on July 7. The initial notice, and editorial, reflected elementary school boundary changes would be discussed. A revised notice, sent after deadline, indicated middle school boundaries would be discussed. Corrections were made July 12 after the district suggested changes.

We apologize for any confusion and the errors.

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