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The sound for many residents not living next door to the track is like a large swarm of flies or bees. For those who live near Angell Park Speedway, however, it can be downright troublesome.

District 1 Alder Steve Stocker and Angell Park Speedway President Bob Koltes will conduct a meeting on Sunday, March 5 from 6-7:30 p.m. in the Community Room at the Sun Prairie Municipal Building, 300 E. Main.

The purpose of the meeting will be to develop mutually acceptable ways to reduce noise complaints while enhancing the community asset that Angell Park Speedway already is to Sun Prairie.

“Contrary to rumors which I have heard, this brainstorming meeting will NOT be suggesting in any way/shape/form that we discontinue racing,” Stocker said in a statement released to promote the meeting (see related story on Page 3A).

City Council President Al Guyant has encouraged “a fresh view and an open mind” along with being able to compromise “after thorough discussion.”

As the economy continues to improve, more interest in racing will be shown in the form of more sponsors, an increased number of drivers and more fans in the wooden plank stands at Angell Park.

When the city council heard presentations to revitalize downtown Sun Prairie about 12 years ago, it constantly heard that Angell Park was a jewel that could be a constant location of activity to revitalize the downtown -- and that the races were a special part of that activity.

Any discussion relating to the reduction of that special activity must be tempered with the possibility that tinkering with racing in the park could be tinkering with the economic vitality of downtown Sun Prairie.

While we’re glad that the air is being cleared and some discussion is occurring, we hope this does not generate into a finger-pointing session.

We hope calmer heads prevail, that all parties will sharpen their pencils and the end result keeps racing without compromising the quality of racing at the park or the vitality of downtown Sun Prairie.

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