Diane Hermann-Brown

We were just as surprised as most of our readers when City Clerk Diane Hermann-Brown stepped to the podium in the City Council Chambers last week and offered her retirement effective May 17.

But we believe her 32 years of service to the city deserve more than just a standing ovation from the city council and a few gifts from her co-workers.

Yes, she is a municipal employee, but she has been both a resource for her fellow clerks and a trainer for two of arguably the best deputy clerks in the State of Wisconsin, Arrin Linzenmeyer and Maddie Shovers. Their working knowledge of elections and the inner workings of city government is second to only Hermann-Brown herself.

Her quest to make the clerk a more professional, instead of political, position at the county level caused her to seek the office of County Clerk. While she had the support of her fellow municipal clerks, she did not have the political support of voters.

She has always had a professional approach to issues, helpful to those seeking office in the city and ready to answer questions about anything from dog licenses to public records.

Diane Hermann-Brown deserves a big thank you from all of the residents of Sun Prairie for sacrificing hundreds of hours of personal, family and even off time to answer questions from alders, city residents and other city officials.

So next time you’re at city hall before May 17, swing by the clerk’s office and thank Diane in person. It won’t cost anything more, but it’s one of the best gifts any city official could receive.

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