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I’m blowing my trumpet to gather all mature, law-abiding, common sense people of the City of Sun Prairie to hold our elected officials to abide and respect our opinions in making decisions for the long-term best interest of our taxpayer dollars.

Millions of dollars are being spent to turn this community into a place that is not habitable by people who want to continue to live here on a retirement income. The explosion of July 10, 2018 is being used as an excuse to turn the “Prairie in the Sun” into a traffic jam. There are families who have lived here for years who are being thrown “under the bus” for a few to make BIG bucks as they destroy this beautiful classic city and all it stands for.

I’m encouraging you to call, write, or email our mayor, alderpersons and public and private officials, and to attend city council meetings held on the first and third Tuesdays at 7 p.m. at the Sun Prairie Municipal Building.

We have such loyal First Responders and I’m calling on citizens to respond in like manner and get the quick response of common sense back in our government. Hold them accountable to make prudent decisions. Teamwork is of utmost importance!

We are overhauling Ashley Field — it’s a good time to overhaul our leadership.

Come on people — cheer and stand up for common sense and Midwest ideals. We need action and teamwork from our citizens.

Investors have one goal: pocket the dollars and move on. We citizens have long-term investment. The happiness, deep roots and pride in our city are at risk. Sun Prairie Strong people, please band together and save our heritage.

Along with the Ashley Field reconstruction, please re-think the plan for the Main and Bristol corner. There needs to be a larger focus on traffic flow on Main Street, especially at the corner of Main and Bristol streets. Long-term, well-design game plans result in WINS for Sun Prairie citizens. Come on team — let’s win this game. It’s time for action, not passive reaction.

The public input on this corner to date has been a farce. “They” look like they are listening, but they are not HEARING or reacting to public input.

The result is that our time and money are being wasted for the gain of investors.

Pauline Gilbertson

Sun Prairie

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Thank you Pauline! I have written to my representatives. Sun Prairie is spending sooooo much money and I don't know how much longer we can live here. $600 raise in property taxes? Unreal, UNREAL! I don't want to leave but it will be nice to leave and put my family in a better position.


I'd like to thank Pauline Gilbertson for her excellent letter and her call for home owners to speak out to the Mayor and City Council members that we don't like the way they ignore our opinions and wishes.. I join her in her call to get a new group of city

council and school board members who will respond to our pleas. their current policies and fairy dust wishes will only lead to the dismantling of making Sun Prairie a city you wanted to be not be from because of their taxation and poor financial administration.

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