Prairie Athletic Club

Prairie Athletic Club is located at 1010 N. Bird St. in Sun Prairie.

For the second time in the last three years, Mexico’s Alvaro Beltran took the crown at the 20th Annual Lou Bradley Memorial Pro-Am at the Prairie Athletic Club (PAC) in Sun Prairie this weekend.

The Pro draw was stacked with 24 players, including three of the world’s seven best according to current International Racquetball Tour rankings (IRT), and also featured two amazing up-and-coming players from Mexico as well as several state champions.

Beltran had to win four matches in one day to take the title. He was tested by Blake Hansen in the quarter-finals and again by Gerardo Franco in the semis to reach the final against Jansen Allen.

Beltran, ranked fourth on the International Racquetball Tour, overcame a loss in the first game to beat Jansen Allen (Texas), 14-15, 15-2, 11-7 to claim the $2,500 check for first place.

Allen came out rolling, jumping to a lead in the first game and hanging on for the win. Beltran’s precision shots in the second were the difference as Allen couldn’t get anything going.

Allen, who came back from a 10-3 tie-breaker deficit in his semi-final victory over Colombia’s Mario Mercado, was down 10-4 to Beltran in the tie-breaker but couldn’t come all the way back.

It was another amazing final, featuring fabulous shots, great gets, solid serving and intense rallies.

Allen took out Iowa’s Derek Ott and Brad Hansen to reach his semi-final against Mercado, which resulted in one of the better matches in the 20-year history of the tourney.

Derek Ott, who won the mens Open draw in 2017, which was a dropdown of players from the Pro draw who did not reach the quarter-finals, reached the final again this year. However, Madison’s Jamin Godwin overcame a 10-0 deficit in the first game en route to a 15-13, 13-15, 11-7 win for the title.

PAC players Michael Fredenberg (Mens AA), Mike Lawton (Mens A), Rohan Sharma (juniors 2-bounce), Caden Krueger (Mens B doubles with Noel Sotelo) as well as Jim Gariti and Larry Hess (Centurion Open Doubles) all took home titles.

Sheila Champion and Becki Bowman both had perfect tournaments. Champion won Womens Open singles and teamed with Bowman to win Womens Open Doubles, while Bowman teamed with Mercado to win Mixed Open Doubles.

Mercado showed his amazing ability and fitness by winning one of his three events and taking second in both others, playing eight matches in about 24 hours.

Matches ran from 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Friday; 8 a.m. until midnight Saturday and 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. Sunday in the tourney, sponsored by Phil Sussek and Bruce Thompson.

The draw featured nearly 130 players in 18 divisions and raised more than $600 for the Lou Bradley Scholarship Fund. The results of the tournament are listed below.

Men’s Pro: 1, Alvaro Beltran; 2, Jansen Allen.

Men’s Open: 1, Jamin Godwin; 2, Derek Ott; Consolation, Alex Filter.

Men’s AA: 1, Michael Fredenberg; 2, Danny Ortega; Consolation, Gregg Breese.

Men’s A: 1, Mike Lawton; 2, Aaron Boyd; Consolation, Eric Goldapske.

Men’s B: 1, Reed Brenden; 2, Warren Swanberg; Consolation, Keith Holmes.

Men’s C: 1, Helder dos Santos; 2, Krish Maini; Consolation, Damon Scarborough.

Mens 45+A: 1, Brian Ott; 2, Ben Davis.

Mens 45+B: 1, Dave Bajkiewicz; 2, Cliff Halley.

Women’s Open: 1, Sheila Champion; 2, Jesi Haak.

Juniors 2-bounce: 1, Rohan Sharma; 2, Kane Peterson; Consolation, Dylan Peterson.

Men’s Open Doubles: 1, Gerardo Franco/Lalo Portillo; 2, Mario Mercado/Alcides Gutierrez; Consolation, Carl Evers/Paul Muxworthy.

Men’s AA Doubles: 1, Danny Ortega/Carlos Reyes; 2, Ben Travis/Michael Fredenberg; Consolation, Keith Holmes/Andy Thompson.

Men’s A Doubles: 1, Joe Swanberg/Warren Swanberg; 2, Bob Doeden/Joel Peterson; Consolation, Mike Lawton/Donna Wilson.

Men’s B Doubles: 1, Caden Krueger/Noel Sotelo; 2, Fred Nothnagel/Gary Prisbe; Consolation, Jamie Laurent/Matt Schmekel.

Centurion Open Doubles: 1, Jim Gariti/Larry Hess; 2, Jeff Hotler/Carl Evers.

Centurion A Doubles: 1, Brian Ott/Reed Brenden; 2, Pat Moran/Joe Swanberg.

Womens Open Doubles: 1, Becki Bowman/Sheila Champion; 2, Jesi Haak/Pam Klein.

Mixed Open Doubles: 1, Becki Bowman/Mario Mercado; 2, Kyle Hermans/Kelly Gremley; Consolation, Pam Klein/Ryan Ratchford.

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