The 18-hole golfers had a shotgun round on Tuesday, dropping 2 bad holes and subtracting handicaps and putts for the play-of-the-day. Betty Reay won first place in Flight #1 with Sarah Baird taking low putts. Flight #2 first place was Wendy Lehr with low putts going to Joyce Gehler. Cindy Hartman took first place in Flight #3 and low putts went to Carol Schneider. There were no sunken approaches this week and the Blind Bogie was split between April Mickelson and Carol Zimbric.

Virginia Newcomb secured first place in Flight 1 for the 9-hole golfers again this week; Peggy Davis was second and Denise Lind, third. First place for putts include Virginia Newcomb, second place was a tie between Barb Lyon and Sue Adas. Third place low putts tied between Peggy Davis and Denise Lind. Flight 2 first place was taken by Sue Gullickson and Barb Johnston, second. Low putts went to Barb Johnston who also shared first in putts with Mary Heynis. Second place for putts was Sue Gullickson. Julie Clark took first place in Flight 3 including low putts. Evie Lund had the only sunken approach for the day on #15. The blind bogey went to Jane Spindler.

The online bridge players finished their 4-table round-robin. The top eight players will be treated to a beverage by one of the last 8 finishers. The top eight players, in order of first through eighth include: Carol Schneider, Linda Teske, Carole Wollin, Sarah Baird, Betty Litscher, Patricia Cook, Charlene Cederberg and Julie Clark. A new round robin bridge online tournament will begin on Tuesday, July 14 at 1:30 p.m.

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