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Waterloo Common Council approves conditional use application for sheriff

The building will have two air conditioning systems, Milbrath said

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The Waterloo Common Council approved a conditional use application for Jefferson County Sheriff Paul Milbrath for a parcel on Herron Court.

The parcel approved Oct. 7 is at 735 Herron Court, which was for increasing the height of a tower on the site. It was recommended for approval by the plan commission earlier in the week.

There will also be a new building on the site.

“They’re going to put it on the opposite side … but they can make it bigger for future use,” Milbrath said. “The buildings that we’re all using right now, they’re all pre-fabbed. They kind of look like stone walls – very nice. But, we can’t do that. It’s too hard to get a crane to maneuver all around that. It’s a similar building but bigger. So, if they ever have to add on or have to do something for some reason, even though technology seems to make things smaller, if they have to switch over they’d have to put everything else over.”

The building will have two air conditioning systems, Milbrath said. There will be a generator there via a special agreement with Generac for all the sheriff’s department sites, which allows for service to keep going if there is ever an outage locally in Waterloo deprives the Waterloo tower of power.

“The construction will start probably not long after you approve this,” Milbrath said. “It probably won’t be up and running until spring at least.”

The tower will be 20 feet higher, which is used by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

A conditional use permit was required to change the height.

There was also a conditional use application approved to allow for an additional garage exceeding 144 square feet at 1113 Lum Avenue.

The council also approved certified survey map applicatons after a recommendation from the plan commission for McKay Way lots 32, 33 and 39.

The council also confirmed the mayoral appoint of Sara Cummings, the city’s newest alderperson, the Public Works and Property Committee and Board of Zoning Appeals. The council also confirmed the appointment of Sean Empey to fill vacancies on the Board of Review, Board of Zoning Appeals and Administrative Review Appeals Board. The Board of Review term will end in 2025. The Board of Zoning Appeals role, which is as an alternate, will also end in 2025. The Administrative Review Appeals Board role will expire in 2024.

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