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Waterloo tweaks future trick-or-treat time

The 2021 trick-or-treat hours are Sunday, Oct. 31 from 2 to 5 p.m.

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It won’t be a change for 2021, but the city of Waterloo will soon see a new time for trick-or-treating.

The Waterloo Common Council decided to push the annual trick-or-treat back to the Sunday immediately prior to Halloween unless Oct. 31 lands on a Sunday. It was after a recommendation from the city’s Public Safety and Health Committee.

“We set it up to be an automatic thing and, ‘Boom, here it comes,’” Mayor Jenifer Quimby said.

With how the Halloween holiday lands on the calendar this year, city residents won’t see a change until 2022. This year’s trick-or-treat for the city will remain at the same time as originally planned since Halloween is on a Sunday. The 2021 trick-or-treat hours are Sunday, Oct. 31 from 2 to 5 p.m.

The council also looked at two other items, both special event license applications by the Waterloo Youth Sports Organization, upon recommendation from the Public Safety and Health Committee.

The first, a license application for Fill the Helmet for Oct. 8 and 9 was denied.

Public Safety and Health Committee member Tim Thomas said that after discussion, the committee opted to not recommend approval to the council due to safety concerns.

The second was an application for the Waterloo Community Spooktacular on Oct. 30, which was approved under several conditions upon the recommendation from the Public Safety and Health Committee.

The first condition was to remove a scheduled car show from the event. The second condition was for no beer license as a part of the event.

“By ordinance, we cannot have alcohol served on public property in an event that is designated for kids, and the Spooktacular is a kid’s event,” said Thomas, adding that there was no objection to that condition.

There will be a trunk trick-or-treat which will entail people parking in various stalls with treats for passers-by.

According to the application, 40 parking stalls will be needed. However, what was approved for parking will be slightly different than what was requested.

“They originally requested to park perpendicular on South Monroe Street. But because of traffic on South Monroe Street and that another event is going on, that’s not going to be possible,” Thomas said. “So, what we are going to do is approve no parking on the south side of East and West Madison Street between the bridges and on South Monroe Street to accommodate. Vehicles will have to be properly parked in the parking stalls and the children are going to have to be on the sidewalk. All candy will be distributed on the sidewalk,” Thomas said.

Parking stalls on South Monroe Street are parallel stalls, not perpendicular.

The stalls will be blocked off at some point around 6 or 7 p.m. on Oct.29.

Thomas also referenced other events on a flyer being circulated regarding the event to specify not everything included needed to be a part of the permit application.

“There are private events at the VFW that is not a part of this permit, and there is a private event at Rivers Edge that’s on the flyer, and again that is a private event,” Thomas said.

The council unanimously approved the event based on the conditions.

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