Marshall study teams

Marshall School District Superintendent Dan Grady (right) works with community members during the Community Conversation, an event hosted by the district in November for community residents and leaders in the district to identify priorities for the local schools. The school board is seeking people from the community to examine those goals in teams to help form a plan to help the district grow. 

Marshall School District Superintendent Dan Grady and School Board President Debbie Frigo co-signed a memo distributed to community members Thursday to invite them to examine priorities identified in the November Community Conversation. This follows direction from the school board in recent meetings.

Contributors can be parents, community residents or leaders who do not have children in the local schools and even students. Staff members will also be a part of study teams.

“The district is excited to welcome study team participants, representing district stakeholders, to provide feedback,” Grady said. “All are welcome.”

From those willing to contribute, they will be divided in to four study teams to tackle each of the priorities established during the Community Conversation.

One study team will be for “curriculum and opportunities.” The objective with this team is to find ways to “increase student achievement through student engagement, equitable and rigorous instruction, increased student offerings, student participation, increased student voice and local career exploration opportunities.”

The second study team will focus on “community engagement.” The objective with these contributors is to identify ways to “increase multicultural engagement, immersion and inclusion through support for English learner students and their families.” This team will be expected to research the benefits of creating a community school, according to the letter.

Another study team will look at “staff retention and trainings.” The members of this study team will focus on how to “foster staff retention through professional development and increased compensation” and to find ways to “increase appreciation for staff and work to earn trust.”

The last focus will be on “buildings and grounds.” With this topic, study team members may determine needs for maintenance replacements and tech. ed. classroom space. They may also identify needs for storage, solar installation, building entrances and an auditorium.

“Each team will be co-led by a district resident and by a board member,” Grady wrote in the letter.

These teams will meet 4-6 times between February and May with the intent on presenting findings with the school board in June.

Those interested should contact Grady at 608-655-3466 or People who wish to participate should indicate the study teams in which they’d be interested.

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