The historic Waterloo Carousel runs every Sunday from 1-3 p.m.

“Waterloo parks are open.”

Those were the words of Waterloo Parks Coordinator Gabe Haberkorn this past Monday on the heels of last week’s ruling by the Wisconsin Supreme Court to overrule Gov. Tony Evers’ Safer at Home order that was to run through May 26.

Jefferson County released a statement for re-opening, leaving it up to the private and public sectors to utilize their best judgement, but still suggests following the social distancing and 10-person gathering guidelines.

“We’ve opened up all the parks and fields while obviously trying to do the social distancing, with no more than 10 persons in a group,” Haberkorn said. “In talking with both our mayor and safety officers, we will only be opening up Waterloo Parks to these guidelines and reevaluating it after two weeks on May 28.”

“We feel this is the best way moving forward,” Haberkorn continued. “What does this means for you and your group? The following are the guidelines for the Waterloo Parks which includes; Playgrounds, Softball Fields and Disc Golf:

  • Social Distancing must be followed at all times
  • Only gatherings of 10 people
  • Areas for softball usage also includes dugouts
  • No team events such as team practices and scrimmages at the softball/little league fields
  • Bathroom and indoor facilities will remain closed at this time

The main baseball field at Firemen’s Park continues to be is closed due to the construction and resurfacing. This will be closed and off limits until July.

Any individual using park facilities or grounds will need to understand that the facilities are not sanitized on a daily basis and the using the facilities or grounds are doing so at their own risk.

Parks open include Waterloo Firemen’s Park, Waterloo Regional Trailhead and Maunesha River Dog Park, among others.

“After May 28, we will reevaluate the situation and move forward from there with the hope of opening the park up even more. I know this is not news some want to hear, but it is what must be done to slowly get back to normal,” said Haberkorn.


Haberkorn said the Fourth of July celebration, Waterloo’s biggest summer event, is still a go. And with the 4th of July being on a Saturday, the weekend has been overly anticipated by not only Haberkorn but the entire community.

“We’re still trying to move forward,” he added.

Haberkorn was hoping to run the event both July 3-4, but he’s unsure of whether or not at this time to downsize, holding just a one-day event.


While the Summer Concert Night in May was cancelled, the June 18 concert featuring The Rotation is still scheduled to go on as planned at Waterloo Firemen’s Park.


While parks are opening, other events and organizations within Waterloo may still have to wait until July to be up and running. This includes youth, American Legion and Home Talent League baseball, youth softball and the running of the historic carousel at Firemen’s Park.

“Hopefully by July we’ll be able to do that,” said Haberkorn. “We’ve been contacting groups that have usually done stuff on July 4th and if we have it, they’re still wanting to be a part of it; we’re looking for their input as well.”

The carousel is open Sunday’s from 1-3 p.m. and holidays. Rides are $1, with donations accepted.

Anyone wishing to rent the carousel for an event or to rent a park shelter, contact the Waterloo Parks and Recreation Coordinator at 920-478-3025 or visit the website:

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