This week’s 18-hole play of the day was Valley of the Jolly Green Giant. The total of the last 4 holes on the front 9 and the first 5 on the back 9 minus ½ of a player’s handicap. Joyce Gehler took first place in Flight #1 with low putts too. The Flight #2 winner this week was Char Cederberg and low putts honors went to Pat Clifford. Carol Schneider took first place in Flight #3 with a tie for low putts between Pat Gahan, Cindy Hartman, and Carol Schneider. There were 3 birdies on #7 by Pat Clifford, Cindy Hartman and Marlene Lee. Sunken approaches included Pat Clifford and Marlene Lee, both on #7. Blind Bogie this week was split between Pat Clifford and Charlene Cederberg.

Virginia Newcomb was the Flight 1 winner for the 9-hole golfers this week, with Evie Lund, Jackie Slinde, and Sue O’Hara in second place. Barb Lyon took first place low putts, Evie Lund in second. Jane Spindler took first place and low putts in Flight 2. Vickie O’Kane was the Flight 3 winner and low putts went to Gina Eggert. Sunken approaches were made on #2 by Peggy Davis and on #8 by Jackie Slinde. Jackie Slinde also had her first birdie of the season on #8. Blind Bogey was split between Evie Lund, Jackie Slinde, and Jane Spindler.

Bridge results for the week include the high team score from the June 30 matches of Char Cedarburg and Lynette Cayo Smith and Thursday’s High team score for July 2 was the team of Carol Schneider and Ann Lucas. This four-table round robin online bridge tournament ends next Tuesday, July 7. A new online tournament will begin on Tuesday, July 14.

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