Corey Foster

Corey Foster, left, and her family.

Marshall Scholarship Foundation (MSF) is excited as it looks forward to the 16th year of awarding scholarships to 2021 Marshall High School graduates. The foundation was organized in 2004 andawarded our first scholarships in 2005. This past May despite the pandemic, MSF was able to award 21 MHS seniors with $20,000 in scholarships. The organization reached its goal of awarding some monetary award to every student who applied.

Marshall Scholarship Foundation’s Board of Directors recently talked about those first scholarship recipients from 16 years ago and wondered where are they now?

MSF contacted former scholarship recipient Corey Foster who graduated from Marshall High School in 2006 and was awarded $500 from the Marshall Scholarship Foundation. Foster went to the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and received a bachelor’s degree in psychology with business and Spanish minors in 2010. Then she worked for a few years and went back to UW-Oshkosh for grad school and received a master’s degree in Professional Counseling with an emphasis in student affairs and College Counseling.

Corey shared that she received multiple scholarships totaling over $2000 in 2006 and that “the scholarships I received definitely helped reduce the cost of tuition for me and my family the first year of college. I am extremely grateful and appreciative of the scholarships I received.”

Plans often change as we grow and mature and this was true for Foster.

“When I first started at UW-Oshkosh going for my bachelor’s degree, I was declared education. I quickly learned I was really undecided and ended up changing my major a total of four times,” she said. “As I took more courses and learned more about the different majors, it took some time to find where my interests and passions were. I fell in love with psychology and finally decided on that major.”

Foster has lived and traveled around the globe.

“I have lived in Georgia (Atlanta area), Texas (Dallas area), and Wisconsin. I have been blessed with many opportunities to travel internationally and study abroad. (Canada, Mexico, England, Costa Rica, South Africa, Spain, France, Brazil, India),” she said.

“In high school at Marshall, I studied abroad in England with the Color Experience program. I also studied abroad in Costa Rica with the Spanish department.

“In undergrad, I studied abroad in Brazil for a Cross-Cultural Psychology course, conducting and presenting research. We lived with host families for a month in Salvador, Brazil, with weekend trips to nearby locations.

“In grad school, I studied abroad in India for a course titled Exploring Counseling, Culture, and Spirituality in India. We spent time in New Delhi, Varanasi, and Agra.

“I have also traveled for fun to France, Spain, and South Africa,” the Marshall graduate said.

Foster is currently working at UW Oshkosh as an Academic Advisor for TRIO Student Support Services (SSS). TRIO SSS is a program that provides services to first generation and low-income students. First generation college students are students who neither parent has earned a four-year bachelor’s degree. Foster works with first generation and low-income students through advising, coaching, and programming to help them be successful in college.

When asked what advice Foster would give Marshall High School graduates, she said, “Try new things and get involved. There is so much out there to learn about (careers, majors, people, places, cultures, etc.). Try new things and explore to find where your true interests and passions are. Get involved in your community! If you go to college, get involved on campus, in clubs, sports, intramurals, and organizations. Never stop trying new things; you never know what you will discover. You will definitely discover more about yourself, and may discover a new career opportunity, a new passion, a new friend, a new community, a new skill, and so much more.”

Marshall Scholarship Foundation is proud to congratulate Foster on all that she has achieved since her graduation from Marshall High School! We continue to wish Corey ‘Happy Travels.’ As the Dr. Seuss book titled “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” begins, “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose”.

Anyone interested in volunteering with or donating to Marshall Scholarship Foundation is encouraged to contact or any Marshall Scholarship Foundation board member.

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