For the first time ever, the dog kennels at the Humane Society of Jefferson County are empty. The last available dog, Thunder, walked out of the shelter and into his new home on March 25. The recent surge in dog adoptions may be due in part to the Governors Safer at Home order issued on March 24 recommending to stay home as much as possible, giving many people more time to spend with a new pet.

For several years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many shelters located in northern states have taken in dogs from overcrowded shelters in the south. With the Safer at Home order and the recommendations from the CDC to stay at home as much as possible, the HSJC currently has no plans to bring in dogs from other shelters. This is another sad but necessary concession in nationwide efforts to protect public health.

While there are presently no dogs available at the HSJC, there are still plenty of cats in need of good homes.

Adoption applications are available online at along with pictures and descriptions of adoptable cats and kittens. Individuals can help the shelter by adopting, donating, or sharing its available pets on social media.

The HSJC will continue to take in stray animals from municipalities that contract for its services and is open for adoptions by appointment only. If a pet becomes lost or someone finds a stray animal, call the shelter at 920-674-2048 or after hours at 920-988-0889. For general questions or information about adopting, call 920-674-2048 during business hours or email at any time.

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