After being sent back from Marshall Village Board for further discussion, the planning commission is now working clarifying the details of a possible car sales lot planned for the vacant property at 436 W. Main St.

Acting on the advice of urban planner Mark Roffers, the commission denied a rezone for the planned car sales and repair operation on April 28, with Roffers stating the rezone was not necessary for the property. The commission also tabled action on recommending approval of a conditional use permit in order to wait for additional information from the dealership’s developers.

The property is owned by Jerry Harbort, who has been working on the business venture for the past year, while Peter Bothe is looking to purchase the property and eventually run the dealership. Bothe is also developing a site plan to present to the planning commission and agreed to work with Roffers on some of the details.

Roffers noted that site plan approval is required whenever a developer proposes alterations to a commercial building or site, with Bothe looking to make several changes to the former Kwik Trip building on the property. Bothe, however, said there are no longer any plans to put up a fence around the site.

Roffers also recommended the introduction of a resolution that would define the outer bounds of the business, the hours of operation, how many cars could be for sale, where vehicle operations could take place and what types of outdoor storage would be used. The resolution would also address site improvements, including how the appearance of the property could be “improved in a relatively affordable way,” Roffers said.

With commission members cautious over how many vehicles are featured on the property, Roffers stated that the resolution could also place a cap on the amount of vehicles sold, as the property’s current general business zoning does not include any such restrictions.

Other commission action:

• Ended discussion on whether to extend the three unconnected sections of Maunesha Drive, with residents and village officials no longer interested in the idea due to the high special assessments that would be levied on the property owners in the area.

• Delayed discussion on whether to recommend approval of a conditional use permit for Jefferson-based agricultural business Insight FS. The company is looking to increase storage capacity at its warehousing and distribution operation at 814 Lewellen St., but commission members requested more concrete details as to what the addition would look like.

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