With copper corrosion within Marshall’s water system trending upwards in the past few years, the village is keeping an eye on the problem should the trend continue.

The Marshall Village Board heard from Andy Jacque of Water Quality Investigations on the possible need for corrosion control during a May 12 meeting. Jacque reported that copper levels in Marshall’s water system are currently in compliance but have been increasing consistently for several years, indicating that a serious issue might develop.

“You don’t have an emergency yet,” Jacque said.

Standards for copper in drinking water are 1,300 micrograms per liter, Jacque said, with Marshall’s water tested at around 700 micrograms per liter. Though corrosion control efforts are not necessary right now, Jacque recommended a study to determine if corrosion control will be necessary in the future.

A study could cost between $10,000 to $30,000, Jacque said, though he recommended it be on the lower end. The problem may also be limited to just one of Marshall’s three wells, he said.

Instead of approving a study, the board decided to wait for the results of this year’s corrosion testing, which should be available around September or October.

Other board business:

• Approved a reduction in the overall price of Class B alcohol licenses for the 2020-2021 licensing year to assist businesses that provide on-premises consumption. The Class B liquor license and Class B beer license will cost $250 and $50, respectively, and must be renewed before July 1.

“This is a procedure a lot of the municipalities are doing as their contribution to help closed businesses and struggling businesses (during the COVID-19 pandemic),” Village President John Schuepbach said.

• Approved an extraterritorial zoning certified survey map for a parcel in the Town of York, allowing it to be combined with a residential lot.

• Tabled discussion on approving $15,600 for repairs of a rotting treehouse in the Converse Park playground.

• After a two-month break due to the pandemic, the village’s planning commission is set to convene again May 27. The meeting will feature a public hearing on the changing ownership of a property at 118 Industrial Drive, with Precision Diagnostics taking over for Badger Towing.

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