For the first time in many decades, Town of Waterloo residents will cast their votes from state-of-the-art voting stations.

The town board on July 8 approved the purchase of five voting booths to replace its current, aging setup, which town supervisors speculated may have been constructed in the 1930s or 1900s. The replacement of the voting booths will provide better safety and will also allow for better handicap access.

“Our voting booths in here are a hazard to our town officers (when) setting them up (for elections),” Supervisor Larry Holzhueter said.

Four of the new “hard curtain” booths will be regular stalls while the fifth booth will be wheelchair accessible, Holzhueter said. The total purchase will cost $860 and includes a 5-year warranty, Supervisor Jeremy Ellis said.

While the old voting booths were heavy, rundown and were connected to each other, the new booths are separate units that will allow for social distancing, Holzhueter added.

Road business

Various road issues have been cropping up around the Town of Waterloo.

With Klecker Lane littered with potholes, the town is looking to patch the road with deposits of gravel. Asphalt was also considered as a solution, but Ellis noted that snow plows had undone previous asphalt patches.

Town officials also reported muskrat activity that has destroyed a small portion of a shoulder on Rock Lake Road, which the town hopes to rebuild with rocky material known as “riprap.”

Finally, a pair of plugged culverts are restricting the flow of water around Jungle Lane. One of the culverts is at the entrance to a farm and leads to a second plugged culvert that runs under the road.

Holzhueter said he will reach out to the Wisconsin Towns Association on the issue.

“When a culvert goes, they have to replace it,” he said. “It’s not our responsibility.”

The board will continue discussion on the culverts at its next board meeting, Holzhueter said.

The board also:

• Approved a $2,600 bid from Keach Lawncare Service for improving the landscaping around town hall.

• Approved a rezone for Steve Sterwald, which will allow him to split a 2-acre lot from the rest of his property.

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