There is money available to assist those seeking to purchase a home, purchase a bigger home, or downsize to a smaller home in Jefferson, Dodge, Walworth, Washington, Ozaukee, Waukesha counties, according to RoxAnne Witte of the Jefferson County Economic Development Consortium.

These down payment assistance grants are available to qualified buyers in all communities in Jefferson County. Seminars for this program are being held on a monthly basis at the University of Wisconsin-Extension/Workforce Development Building in Jefferson.

The seminar for July will be held on Wednesday, July 10, from 5:30 – 9:30 p.m.

“Our goal is to help families buy homes and be successful homeowners,” Witte said. “The complexity of the home buying process should not be a barrier to families. Our homebuyer education program is the first step and maybe the most important step, which a family can take to achieve the dream of homeownership.”

She went on to say that buying a home is generally the single largest purchase and financial commitment a person makes in their lifetime.

The program offers potential and current owners with education on the purchasing process and the many requirements associated with home ownership.

These include maintenance, insurance, taxes and event how to budget for a household. In addition, the seminar will cover topics on how to determine readiness for home buying; the roles of the lender, real estate agent, insurance agent and home inspection; and most important – what grant assistance may be available to help with down payment and closing costs and required repairs.

Jefferson County Economic Development Consortium’s homebuyer education program is designed to be results oriented and tailored to meet the participant’s needs, no matter what phase of home buying process they are in or how long it will take for them to be ready to buy a home. Participants will gain a thorough knowledge of the home buying process while at the same time finding local resources to help them achieve their goal.

For more information on the program and to see if you would qualify for these grants or to register for the July 10 seminar, contact Witte at 920-674-8711 or You may also register online at

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