There was a lot of discussion, but little action, when the Medina Town Board held a June 24 special meeting. As the body continues to consider what type of development it would like to see at 5536 Missouri Road, Town Chairman Todd Weinberger, along with Supervisor Sue Zingsheim and Town Patrolman Jim Hellenbrand, met with a representative from J-Mec. The Lake Mills-based company offers sales, installation and service for solid waste and recycling needs, including compactors.

For the past several months, the town has looked at the potential of having compactors for the town dump and recycling center at the Missouri Road property, where it hopes to relocate the service along with the town garage and town hall. One of the reasons the board is looking at compactors is to decrease the number of dumpsters it would need at the refuse site.

The J-Mec representative provided a site plan for the Missouri Road location of the compactors that would be able to accommodate two vehicles at once instead of a single vehicle.

Weinberger said the company provided cost estimates for both renting and buying a compactor for the town. If the town rents a compactor from J-Mec, it will receive quarterly maintenance and there would be no maintenance bills unless the user or hauler damaged the compactor. If Medina buys a compactor from J-Mec, it could have a maintenance agreement with the company.

According to Weinberger, the cost to rent two compactors would be $610 per month and the town would have to provide its own containers for the compacted trash or recycling; if the town has J-Mec provide two containers for the compacted items along with the compactors, the total monthly rental fee would be $948.

A J-Mec representative told Weinberger that based on the town’s population, the compactor would need to be emptied every three to four weeks.

“It’s worth considering,” the chairman said.

If the town decides to install compactors, it will need to lay down concrete slabs to set the machines on. Furthermore, Weinberger feels the compactors would need to be fenced in, which could result in additional costs.

The board plans to continue its discussion of potentially installing compactors at future meetings.

Town continues working through 2019 report

A change in accounting programs continues to hold up the approval of the town’s 2019 financial report. Clerk Tammy Jordan is switching from Quickbooks to a new software program, which is causing some challenges.

“I’m putting new things into the system already, but I’m going to back to (former elected clerk) Jean (Johnson) and I tried to follow the paper trail,” Jordan said. “When we get to the Quickbooks, which is not for government, it gets a little messy.”

Weinberger offered to have someone assist the clerk with cleaning up the problems with transferring financial information from the old program to the new one.

Jordan admitted with the upcoming elections and getting the 2019 financial report in order, she is feeling a bit overwhelmed.

“I felt bad (the financials) weren’t ready by the town meeting,” she said. “I spend every day looking at this, but there are many other jobs that I need to do. This is a very small portion of what I do, but it’s a very important portion of it.”

Jordan believes she may have found where the financial discretion may have occurred in the yearly report.

As part of the discussion, the board was looking into having a third-party audit the town finances. Communities with separate clerk and treasurers are not required to have a third party auditor. Jordan planned to look at cost estimates for the service.

“This could be a one-time thing,” she said, adding bringing in a third-party auditor while the town is between accounting systems may be a bit premature.

The board also:

• Stated it did not want a reduction in Dane County Board representatives. According to Supervisor Phillip Braithwaite, the county board is seeking to decrease its number of supervisors. Treasurer Leaota Braithwaite said she worried that a decrease in county board members would result in less representation for rural areas.

• Approved liquor license renewals and operator’s licenses for Whisper’s Roadhouse and Barrel Inn.

• Denied a parcel in Maple Heights deeded to the town.

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