The Town of Medina Board members will no longer have to rely on pen and paper to take notes or their own electronic devices to check on town correspondence. The body approved to purchase five Lenovo ThinkPads and a pair of laptops at its Sept. 9 regular meeting.

Town Clerk Tammy Jordan had been researching the price for electronic devices for the board to use. The cost for the ThinkPads and laptops, plus the necessary software and installation, would be approximately $7,000, she said.

“We were trying to find (devices) without all the bells and whistles on it,” Jordan said.

Jordan and Town Treasurer Lea Braithwaite would be issued the laptops while the board members would each be provided a ThinkPad.

“Those are probably the best you can get and they’ll last you longer,” the clerk said about the devices.

The computers will be paid for by the Routes to Recovery Grant. Jordan said not including the computers, she has already spent $9,315 of the grant for election expenses. She said this includes paying the poll workers, adjustable voting stands, and cones for human “traffic control.”

The town still has some money available to spend from the grant. Jordan asked how the board would like the remaining grant funds to be spent.

“We don’t want to pay for touchless doors if we plan to build a new town hall in the near future,” she said. “I’m just ordering things that would help me do my job and things that can also be used in the future.”

The board is considering using some of the money to pay for a Zoom or GoToMeeting subscription.

The board also:

• Started discussing and planning for the 2021 budget.

• Heard from Jordan about the November election and how many absentee ballot requests she expects to receive. So far, she has received 500 requests.

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