The Village of Marshall is looking to address a lack of space in its aging municipal building at 130 S. Pardee St.

The village has enlisted commercial design and construction firm Keller Inc. to evaluate the needs for the municipal building, which is not only a home to village administration and public meetings but also plays host to Marshall’s entire police department. Keller revealed its findings and possible solutions in an Oct. 15special meeting with the village board.

Keller determined the municipal building has issues with a leaking roof and its heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The police department in particular is lacking storage space, especially for collected evidence, the reception and holding areas are “unsafe” and the training/meeting area is considered to be inadequate.

The municipal building also does not feature office space for village board members, the restrooms are not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the lack of space could be a privacy concern during elections.

Keller provided the village board with four different solutions for solving these issues, though board members did not yet commit to any of the options.

“This is really hard because I can’t read the input of the people who are not in this building,” Village President John Schuepbach said. “I do think Keller has done a great presentation — you’ve done a lot of homework on your own so far and I think we normally would be able to answer, but I just don’t feel comfortable with (a decision) tonight.”

Keller’s first solution would consist of purchasing a vacant property at 118 Industrial Drive to be transformed into a new police department. This action, along with making repairs of the municipal building, is estimated to cost the village between $1.65 million and $1.85 million.

A second solution would involve building a new police building from the ground up while repairing the municipal building for a combined estimated cost of between $1.65 million and $2 million, along with the cost of land for the new police station.

As a third option, the village could build both a new police department as well as a new village hall which, after selling the existing municipal building, would cost between an estimated $2.35 million and $2.85 million, along with the cost of purchased land.

Finally, the village could choose to just remodel and add onto the current municipal building, which would require village employees to operate offsite for around five to seven months and would cost between approximately $1.65 million to $2 million.

The village is looking to find a solution before the adoption of its next annual budget, with the village board set to discuss the options further at its Nov. 10 meeting.

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