Jane Kleeb, leader of the group Bold Nebraska, will address Midwest tar sands pipeline issues at the University of Wisconsin–Madison on April 13. Former State Rep. Spencer Black and landowner Mark Borchardt will also speak.

Kleeb played a crucial role in stopping the Keystone XL pipeline, which was rejected by President Obama November. The pipeline, proposed by Canadian company TransCanada, would have transported 830,000 barrels a day of tar sands oil from the boreal forests of Alberta to the Gulf Coast.

Kleeb built a diverse coalition of ranchers, tribal members, environmentalists, and others to successfully push President Obama to reject the pipeline. This involved highlighting the risks to rural property owners whose land would have been crossed by the pipeline, including the risks to Nebraska’s air and water from a tar sands spill. Now, Kleeb is bringing her campaign to Wisconsin.

Wisconsin has Line 61 pipeline, which cuts through the state. Enbridge, the Canadian company that owns Line 61, is proposing to add another pipeline through Wisconsin, variously called the Line 61 “twin” or Line 66. Together, the two pipelines could transport three times as much oil as the failed Keystone project would have carried.

Former State Rep. Spencer Black will discuss the risks these pipelines pose for Wisconsin. The pipelines cross some of Wisconsin’s waterways, including the St. Croix River, the Wisconsin River, and the Rock River.

The Enbridge expansion would require widening the existing pipeline corridor. Recent law changes in Wisconsin have made it easier for pipeline companies to take land through eminent domain.

Mark Borchardt will speak to how Wisconsin landowners are coming together to fight Enbridge’s expansion. Nebraska’s experience proved that when a group of property owners refuse to let a foreign corporation seize land that has been in their families for generations, they can effectively block the expansion of pipelines.

Free tickets to the event are available at http://tinyurl.com/h2wf9f3

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