With the new fitness center expected to be ready by the end of November, district business manager Sharon Peterson and pool and fitness center director Janessa Henning presented the board with potential fee increases at the regular October meeting. The Waterloo School Board held an Oct. 28 special meeting and approved the new fees.

The new fees will go into effect at the grand opening of the new fitness center facility; no new punch passes will be sold after Nov. 15 and all current punch cards will be valid through Jan. 31, 2020.

The single adult daily fees for the pool will increase by $1 to $6 and there will be a $2 increase for student daily fees, also for a total of $6. Daily family passes will increase to $15 and a new senior fee will be implemented at the cost of $5. These daily amounts will also be used for the fitness center/weight room.

People will see significant increases in the three-month and annual pool and fitness center/weight room fees. A three-month pool pass will increase to $51 for single adults, $45 for a student, and $99 for a family. A new senior three-month pass was added for $45.

The three-month fitness center/weight room fees will be $111 for a single adult, $210 for a family, and $90 for both students and seniors.

As for the annual pool rates, it will cost $180 for a single adult, $240 for a family, and $120 for both students and seniors. The annual fitness center/weight room fees will be $360 per adult, $660 per family, and $300 for students and seniors.

There will be an additional $25 charge for non-residents who purchase a three- or 12-month pool and fitness center pass.

Swimming lesson costs will also increase from $40 to $50 for eight 30-minute lessons no matter what season the lessons are held.

People will see savings if buying three- or 12-month passes.

“It gives us options so we feel like we’re not going to turn anybody away … but if you buy an annual membership and you intend to use it, then you’ll definitely get your money’s worth,” Peterson said at the regular October meeting.

Peterson said the new rates also include access to classes such as aqua aerobics, boot camp, and Zumba. Those who do not have a pass would be able to participate in the programs for the price of a daily fee. She said the board may want to reconsider this decision in a few months.

Board member Gene Kegler had some concerns about there being no additional fees for classes.

During the Oct. 14 meeting, Peterson said rate increases were explored because the fitness center has changed by adding the “hopefully considered state-of-the-art facility.”

“We ultimately want to offer this product for the community,” she said.

The business manager said a lot of thought went in to creating the new rates, including researching similar facilities in school districts and non-school facilities because the district will be competing with actual fitness centers to attract members/clients.

Henning called the new fitness center an amazing opportunity not many school districts are able to offer. She hopes the facility will offer longer hours with key card access and run similar to a 24-hour gym

Interim board president Nancy Thompson said the board has been reluctant to raise the pool fees, noting a major increase could result in a decrease of pool and fitness center passes.

Henning said from previous experience raising rates is going to create an “unfriendly” territory within the community but people are expecting fees to increase with the improved facilities.

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