Pastor Nancy Raabe

The congregation of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church helped send off Pastor Nancy Raabe Sunday, June 13 with a reception. Raabe, who had been with the church for 3.5 years, recently took a calling to Pennsylvania.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Marshall will be undergoing a leadership transition at Pastor Nancy Raabe has taken a call in Pennsylvania. Her last local service was Wednesday, June 9.

“There is a great sense of sadness to say good-bye to this amazing, wonderful, loving family,” she said. “But, also a sense of gratitude and maybe even more than that because I think this church is in a very strong place now as I leave. We got through the pandemic well; we stayed strong, we stayed solvent, we are in strong financial shape, and we have excellent leadership here.”

The pastor said she would not have felt able to leave Holy Trinity if the church she didn’t feel confident the church was in good hands in every way.

“There’s a good spirit here,” Raabe said. “People are all on the same page for their love and care for this congregation and desire to see it grow and flourish.”

Since coming to the church, she has seen the leadership at the church grow with more people volunteering to serve in those roles. Raabe said the willingness of members of the congregation to help “has been a source of real joy.”

The pastor feels that if there is one thing she was able to accomplish during her time at Holy Trinity was the ability to bring people together in one spirit and build community to work together toward the common good.

Her decision to leave the Marshall church was a desire to live closer to family; her daughter lives in Pennsylvania.

During the transition to getting a new pastor, Raabe said the church would have a supply pastor to lead worship as the Holy Trinity Church looks for an interim pastor. She said a full-time pastor would later replace the interim position.

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