The Medina Town Board approved the latest changes to a conditional use permit for Enbridge Energy Co. to expand its operations at a substation on Cherry Lane during a special meeting Monday night.

At first, some board members wanted to wait to approve the CUP until the town had a hold harmless statement like Enbridge gave to Dane County. However, Medina resident Bob Hoaas pointed out that Medina already gave their stipulations to Enbridge, and Dane County has now given theirs. There was concern that the board would not have the legal right to refuse Dane County’s conditions for Enbridge at this point.

Town of Medina officials recommended the conditional use permit to the county months ago with the condition that a catch basin be constructed around the new pump house being proposed. The basin would hold 50,000 barrels of liquid, or the amount of oil that would be released in an hour if a spill occurred. The basin would be twice the size of those being installed at the other new stations along the line.

Enbridge has also agreed to be responsible for extending the existing road at the pumping station.

The board did approve the Enbridge CUP, but chairman Steve Shulz said he plans to contact Enbridge and request a hold harmless clause for the town.

Ron Jacobson of the planning commission requested that the board give directions for the commission’s projects. “I would like to have something in writing from the board on what they would like done, and also a timeline for completion,” Jacobson said.

Enbridge is adding pumping horsepower at 13 locations along its route. The Dane County pumping station was the last approval sought.

There already is a pumping station at the Cherry Lane site in the Town of  Medina. The conditional use permit will allow the company to construct a new building to house more electrical motors to move the oil along the pipeline up to 400,000-barrels-per-day flow. The pipeline has been operating since 2009. The planned upgrades would triple the flow rate.

The board also approved changes to the Outdoor Burning Ordinance, the Event/Parade and Race Ordinance, the Patrolman and Assistant Patrolman Job Descriptions, and the Personnel Policy. A public hearing was held concerning these ordinances before the beginning of the meeting, with no public comment.

Changes to the policies were minor, with notable changes being mostly to the Outdoor Burning Policy. As before, residents are still expected to contact the town clerk and the fire department to secure a burning permit, but they will not be able to do so during a holiday, or during a fire department event.

Additionally, if someone does not secure a permit and the fire department is called, the fine is now $100 instead of $25, and doubles with each subsequent offense.

The Event/Parade and Race Ordinance was amended to reduce the number of times organizers must publish an announcement in the local newspaper about an event. Instead of two times, organizers need to only publish information once prior to an event.

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