Wisconsin Character Education Partnerships (WCEP) has announced Waterloo High School has been chosen to receive a Wisconsin Promising Practices award for 2014.

The high school was chosen to receive the award based on the work that the Driven Team has done this past year.  The Driven Team is a student-led character education group working to create a positive environment in the school.

The award will be presented at the 2014 Schools of Character Conference (SOCC) to be held June 20 at Alverno College in Milwaukee.

WCEP is a statewide school coalition that follows the 11 principles or guidelines developed by the national Character Education Partners (CEP). CEP set forth goals to assist in character development but does not prescribe the ways to achieve those goals. This allows for creativity within participating Character Education schools.

Waterloo High School’s Promising Practice has been to implement the Driven Team.  The Driven Team meets monthly to plan character education activities for the school.  In addition, the Driven Team put on an anti-bullying assembly for the middle school and participated in National Kindness Day by greeting students at the door with Hershey’s Hugs and “Smile” signs. The team also created a buddy day with eighth grade students to help them transition to high school.

Partnerships with elementary classrooms were also established to develop relationships throughout the district.  These students are working to create change and strive to create a positive school environment for all students. 

The Driven Team was created in 2012 with six students and continues to grow.  Currently the group consists of 27 student members. 

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