Voters across the state will head to polls on Tuesday, Aug. 11 for the fall primary election.

To provide Wisconsin voters with essential information about the upcoming Partisan Primary on Aug. 11, the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin (LWVWI) has published its fall voter guide on VOTE411.

VOTE411 is a “one-stop-shop” for nonpartisan election information, equipping voters with easy tools to navigate the voting process. The resource provides candidate information for state and local offices, and other helpful election information, including how to request an absentee ballot. With limited opportunities to learn about the candidates in person, online voter guides like LWVWI’s are especially important for voters making their plans to vote during the pandemic.

“Wisconsin voters need convenient and accessible tools to make confident decisions about the candidates running to represent them in elected offices,” said Eileen Newcomer, voter education manager at the LWVWI. “Our voter guide on VOTE411 is a nonpartisan resource to help all voters get prepared for the Fall Primary.”

The Partisan Primary will be held on Aug. 11, 2020. On the ballot are candidates for the United States House of Representatives, the Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly and other local races. More information for local races can be found at our website.

LWVWI sent questionnaires to all the candidates whose names will appear on the August ballot. Each candidate’s responses are posted verbatim in the candidate’s own words.

Candidates who did not respond will be disclosed as “No candidate response” in the voter guide, and LWVWI will link to available websites and social media accounts of these candidates, allowing voters to access important candidate information using VOTE411.

The information available on VOTE411 helps thousands of Wisconsin voters each year — many young and first-time voters — learn about candidate qualifications and positions, and how to access the ballot.

“We encourage voters to visit VOTE411 and make a voting plan so they are prepared to cast their vote confidently whether they choose to vote absentee prior to the election or in-person on election day,” Newcomer said.

Wisconsin voters can access information about the upcoming election at

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin is a grassroots, nonpartisan political organization that advocates for informed and active participation in government. There are 20 local Leagues in Wisconsin.

Learn more information online at

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