Property owners within the Marshall School District may see a modest change in their school taxes as district Business Manager Bob Chady presented a preliminary mill rate of $10.47 for 2020-2021, a 12-cent decrease from the previous yearly budget cycle.

Chady presented budget figures during the Oct. 7 district budget hearing and annual meeting. While there are still several numbers that have not been confirmed, such as the state aid, equalized property value and student count, the business manager provided estimates based on what solid numbers he did have and a few estimates.

In the past decade, the mill rate peaked at $13.16 for the 2013-2014 and since then has been steadily decreasing.

Chady’s report showed Marshall has one of the lower mill rates among all school districts in Dane County.

The eligible voters approved the 2020-2021 mill rate and budget at its October annual budget hearing and electors meeting.

Based on the general fund (Fund 10) figures calculated by the business manager, the 2020-2021 expenses outweigh the revenues by approximately $200,000. Furthermore, compared to the unaudited figures of 2019-2020, there is an anticipated decrease in the fund’s revenues and expenses.

Even with the overall decreases, the district is expecting to get more revenue from local taxes in the amount of $3,912,574; an approximate increase of $232,564 compared to the 2019-2020 unaudited figures.

Chady is anticipating a decrease in general state aid in the amount of $7,914,659, representing $56,268 less than last year’s unaudited numbers.

In the Fund 10 expenses, there is an overall decrease of approximately $23,200 compared to the unaudited 2019-2020 budget. The business manager is estimating total expenses of $14,057,131.50 in the general fund for the current year. Chady is expecting there to be an overall expense of $6,056,813 in the instruction portion of the general fund, which includes teachers’ salaries. This is a roughly $384,319 increase from the previous fiscal year’s unaudited numbers.

Final budget figures will not be ready until next month, when the state department of instruction produces accurate for state aid to school district, Wisconsin Department of Revenue finalizes property valuations and the staffing expenses for the current school year. Once updated, Chady will update the budget for a final approval.

During the meeting, the electors also voted to approve school board member salaries of $1,400 per year and authorized the board to provide students with lunch meals and transportation, and to obtain legal council on the district’s behalf if necessary.

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