I decided to take a look back at my goals for 2020 and saw I was going to focus on three words that year: complete, tidy and explore. Well, I completed a lot of binge watching in 2020 but that wasn’t exactly what I had planned to finish up. As for tidy, that one was kind of accomplished since I cleaned out my closet and have attempted to keep my apartment tidy; let’s not talk about my desk at the office – but I swear those old newspapers will be appropriately filed away this month.

I did have the chance to do a bit of exploring before the pandemic closed everything down – I made my first trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum and enjoyed some of the great works displayed. But that was the extent of exploring in 2020. Unless you count exploring the depths of the streaming channel Tubi, which has movies that had once lined the shelves of the VHS rental wall at the Lake Mills Dime Store.

As my friends recounted what they accomplished in 2020, I found myself wondering if I should have aspired to do more with the extra time afforded to me during the pandemic. While I was on vacation the entire last week of they year, I had plenty of time to mark off some items on the COVID-19 Bingo card like buying a tie-dye sweatshirt, watching Tiger King, hoarding toilet paper or participating in a Zoom happy hour but I decided those were things I didn’t find overly appealing. Instead, I used the 11th hour of the year to slowly merge with my blankets as I read a couple books.

I figured while I don’t have pictures of perfect (or imperfect) loaves of bread or videos of learning a TikTok dance (I still don’t get TikTok – is it like Vine?) I am very proud of myself for not having an anxiety attack due to the mere existence of COVID-19 or letting the fact the pandemic was declared impede on my overall mental health. Sure, the virus did create a ripple of anxiety in other ways, but I was never too worried about myself getting sick. For someone who can be a bit of a hypochondriac, this was huge.

I’m hoping this will continue into 2021.

As for what else I’m looking forward to in the new year, I’m honestly more focused on 2022. I’ve decided that I’ll take a trip to New Orleans in December of that year. I’ll turn the big 4-0 in ’22 and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than a real vacation.

So, as long as I can sit through 2021 and take it for what it is, I’ll consider it a successful year.

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