To the Editor,

Scott Fitzgerald and John Jagler have worked hard during their tenure in office to strengthen their political party, even if it harmed the state of Wisconsin. Fitzgerald helped orchestrate the partisan gerrymandering and voter suppression that has robbed Wisconsin voters of true democratic representation. In 2018, Democrats won 53% of all the Assembly votes cast statewide while coming away with only 36% of the seats. Fitzgerald has gaveled in and gaveled out of numerous special sessions rather than actually doing the work of a legislator to solve problems like public health during the pandemic or actually dealing with gun violence. Jagler has followed his party and Fitzgerald. Their negligence has contributed to over 150,000 confirmed Covid cases, with 1467 deaths, in our state.

Fortunately, we have better choices. Tom Palzewicz is running against Fitzgerald for the Fifth Congressional District of the US Congress. Palzewicz is a Navy veteran with a degree in accounting who has worked for banks and as an independent businessman. He will work to find solutions for the pressing problems of our time: gun violence, climate change and health care.

Abigail Lowery is running against Jagler in the 37th State Assembly District. She is a former Special Education teacher and current member of the DeForest Village Board of Trustees. She believes strongly that Wisconsin needs fair maps that protect everyone’s right to vote, supports public education and the protection of natural resources.

Both Palzewicz and Lowery will listen to their constituents and work to improve the lives of the people in Wisconsin.

Lynn von Huben


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