I like a good cowboy movie, but I prefer not to live in the wild west.

I value living in a community where people care about each other. The freedoms we cherish are the envy of other countries, like our ability to express our opinions without being locked up or poisoned. For this to work we need to be responsible citizens.

We have laws that make our families, neighborhoods, businesses, and our nation safer places. We put up with inconveniences for the greater good, like not smoking in indoor public places, or exceeding recreational fishing and hunting limits. We require driver’s licenses to use public roads. We pay taxes so we can have sewers, cleaner water, public education, and emergency personnel when we need them. Regardless of the law, we get vaccinated to protect ourselves and our neighbors from flu, polio, measles, smallpox, etc.

Until we get a Covid-19 vaccine, our failure to appropriately wear facemasks in public will continue to undermine our return to normalcy. Please mask up and encourage your friends to also. And vote for candidates, like Melissa Winker and Tom Palzewicz, who support the measures we need to get back to business.

Robert Conley


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