To the editor,

There are a lot of heroes among us. This I know. And some of those people are doing things every day they don’t want to do, but they do for the good of society. They put their health on the line and sometimes this means their own lives or their families lives. In the midst of this pandemic, I am an essential employee as many others are and I understand the value of my work. I get paid, I continue with my personal mission and passion, among other reasons for the daily grind. But I am certainly not in the hero category.

What happened with the election (April 7) is not only unthinkable by members of this country’s leadership, but is most definitely negligent in my book. It could have been avoided and to me, is an act of treason. Our leaders betrayed us for their own political good. And that’s a damn shame. But I want to take a moment to switch the narrative — to instead acknowledge every person who chose to stand for the good of their vision and this country — for all of the people who bit the bullet and volunteered to run the polls and stand in line to exercise their patriotic right to vote. Those are my heroes today.

-All City Clerk’s office staff

-13 volunteers

-Approx 125+ voters

I submit that they are all the bravest in this land of the free, and I would like to publicly praise the heroes of this land, of this great City, and thank them for standing up to treason and negligence, even though it could prove to be fatal.

Jeani Petts


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