To the editor:

Jeff Weigand is out of step with District 20. His Aug. 23 op-ed opposing the PHMDC mask mandate is scary and upsetting. In the same edition as that op-ed, there was a news article about the Marshall School District affirming an even stricter mask mandate in the schools. Parents clearly want their kids, teachers and school workers to be safe. Why doesn’t Jeff?

Out of 11,221 registered voters in District 20 Jeff got 442. That’s 4% of eligible voters. His predecessor on the board, Julie Schwellenbach, got 3,016 votes when she was re-elected in 2020. Jeff has no mandate, yet he is pushing an extremist agenda.

By aligning himself with the right wing law firm Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty on the mask mandate, Jeff is signaling to District 20 voters that their views don’t matter. Jeff will be up for election again in 2022 Let’s make sure that we get someone who we can count on to represent us.

Zach Sutter


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