To the editor,

When I learned that the Lazers Bus Service had been sold, I felt like I lost a close family member. All of my life I have seen the Lazers name on “our” school buses.

In all their years of service to Marshall Schools, no child has been left behind. No team was late for a game. No impaired drivers were at the wheel. No injury to a passenger. The kids were priority number one.

Bus drivers had to know to drop kids off at piano lessons on Mondays, or to get them to Gram’s on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Non-custodial parents had to be considered, as well as how many kids were going to some birthday party after school. All of this sounds easy when you aren’t the responsible adult, while hauling 26 other kids.

We were blessed to have Bob and Steve Lazers entrusted with the kids of Marshall. I know Steve will now be able to go to some fish fry because his Friday nights are unencumbered. He deserves that.

I thank the drivers for all they have meant to our community. Happy trails to you.

Bonnie Clayton


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