Karter Stark

Thirteen year old Karter Stark of Marshall won Saturday night’s Internationals Feature at the Jefferson Speedway.

CAMBRIDGE — The fifth week of racing started out on a scorching, hot evening at Wisconsin’s Action Track. Five divisions of racing packed the program, highlighted by the R.S. Lilly Auto Care Center 60 lap Late Model main event. When it was over, Michael Gruenberg would go home victorious.

Chris Chenoweth and Paul Kisow paced the 60 lap Clear View Tree Care Late Model feature to green with Kisow taking the lead on the first lap and they stayed side by side for lap 2 when Chenoweth got his only lead lap. Kisow fought back to stay in the lead for the next 6 laps.

While the battle for first ensued, on lap 9 Kisow, Ryan Goldade and Michael Gruenberg would entertain the crowd with 3 wide action. Goldade would take the lead on lap 9 and the first and only caution would come out on lap 10 for Kisow and Dale Nottestad spinning, sending them to the rear of the field.

Goldade and Chenoweth would restart the race with Goldade getting the jump to the front where he would remain for 5 more laps until lap 15 when Gruenberg would nudge Goldade just to enough to take over the lead.

Gruenberg would run the rest of the race out in front. Jacob Nottestad started in P9 and was in hot pursuit to get to the lead.

He never quite made it but finished in second. Gruenberg remained out front through the checkers to pick up his first win of the season. J. Nottestad finished a strong second followed by Goldade, Stephen Scheel, and Seth Reamer

Tytus Helgestad claims the 35 lap Serenity Concepts Sportsman feature main event.

This race was packed with so much action. It started as Tyler Deporter and Jim Taylor paced the field. Taylor pounced out to the front to take the early lead. Helgestad staring in P3 fast approached Taylor. It became a long battle for the full 35 laps.

Taylor led the first 19 laps with Helgestad pushing his nose across the line first on lap 20. It would be for 2 laps, then Taylor would fight back to take the lead again on lap 22. On lap 23 Helgestad would lead.

The sea saw battle would continue. Side by side on the back stretch, door to door. Whose nose would cross first? Finally on lap 32 Helgestad was able to stay ahead of Taylor to win.

Besides trying to watch the font of the race, mid pack there was more action happening as Jason Thoma tried to fight for a higher finish.

First he battled to stay at 6th with Mark Deporter. M. Deporter was able to get past him, he then battled with Chris Jones. Jones was able to overcome him. But on lap 31 Thoma pulled off. The race finished with Helgestad, Taylor, Tim Coley, Robert Selsing Jr. and Jones.

Rookie Karter Stark captured the 20 lap Wolff Pack Apparel International feature event. The International feature would be one of the few races this night to go start to finish without a caution. The race started with Jason Uttech and Jim Ronspiez setting the pace. Uttech would take the lead on the first lap.

He continued to lead while Stark battled through traffic to overtake him on lap 12. Mark Dewey would try to make a run for the front, but the highest he would make it was second. He was passed by several drivers to finish 6th. Neil Higgins would pass Uttech with three laps to go and not enough to get to Stark. Stark finished first, followed by Higgins, Uttech, James Junget, and Weston Strese.

Poynette’s Dillon Schwanbeck acquires another 25 lap Legends.Direct Legends feature event. Robbie Morrison took the initial lead on the opening lap with Michael Guderski in second.

The first of 2 cautions would come out on lap 3 when Mike Storkson and Danny Lehmkuhl would tangle up. One lap later the second and final caution of the race would come out for M. Storkson spinning on his own. By lap four, Schwanbeck was already up to second.

Schwanbeck would pass Morrison on lap six to take the lead for the rest of the race. On lap 10 James Lynch would begin his challenge on Schwanbeck for the lead, but Schwanbeck would stay on top. Lynch would be DQ’d after the race giving Aaron Moyer second with Robbie Morrison, Logan Taylor and Guderski completing the top five.

Juda driver, Cohen Henze, captured the 15 lap CR Custom Construction Bandolero feature race. Axel Oldenhoff would take the early lead. On lap 3, Marianna Kubicz would bring out the first of three cautions.

Henze would pass Oldenhoff on lap 4 to take the lead. Behind him the battle between second with Oldenhoff and Alex Hartwig would end in a caution caused by Hartwig. They would restart from the back.

A third caution would happen with Oldenhoff spinning on his own. The rest of the race would transpire with no additional cautions and Henze with the win, followed by Easton Riedner, Avery Linnerud, Lincoln Cain and Kaeden Wangsness.

Next Saturday, June 12, is a full program on six divisions with time trials at 4pm and racing at 6pm.

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