This week’s 18-hole play of the day was called bookends. The total of the first 5 holes and the last 4 minus ½ of a player’s handicap resulted in Jan Tremain taking first place in Flight #1 including low putts honors. Second place went to Lisa Nelson. Joyce Gehler took Flight #2 with a tie for low putts with Wendy Lehr. Second place in Flight #2 went to Peggy Davies. Our California girl, Lisa Nelson, had her first birdie of the season on #11 and Betty Litscher had one on #12. Sunken approaches for the week included Serena Van Leawen on #11 and Betty Litscher on #12.

Nine hole golfers had a busy day on the course too! Flight 1 winners Denise Lind and June Schuler tied for first place with low putts going to Sue Adas. Flight 2 was taken by Virginia Newcomb, second place was Peach Beahlen and third had a three-way tie between Gina Eggert, Sue Buell, and Jan Benzinger. Low putts in Flight 2 included Sue Buell in first place, a five-way tie between Virginia Newcomb, Gina Eggert, Sue Buell, Vicki O’Kane, and Jackie Slinde with a third place low putts had a tie between Pam Reich and Marti Tenzer. The Flight 3 winner was Julie Clark with low putts for the flight going to Marilyn Lueder. There were no birdies or sunken approaches to report this week!

Bridge results for the week include 1) Carol Schneider, 2) Virginia Newcomb, 3) Charlene Cederberg, 4) Marlene Lee and 5) Pam Reich.

Euchre winners include 1) Carol Zimbric, 2) Diane Wilkinson, 3) Pat New and a tie for 4) Joanne Hall and Jackie Slinde.

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