The Lake Mills High School Mountain Biking Team finished its 2021 season by taking 11th in Division 1 at Sunday’s Wisconsin High School Cycling League State Championships. The high school team’s 12 athletes competed in the JVII races. There was a total of 28 teams participating in the Div. 1 events, split among varsity, JVIII, JVII, JVI, and freshmen categories.

LMHS earned a total of 2,733 points at the championship races; Madison West won the competition with 3,941 points.

The races were held at Trek Trails in Waterloo, which is described as a rolling course with a moderate climb, rolls through wooded and grassy terrain, and technical challenges.

Sophomore Liam Smith led the boys’ team with a time of 45:10.19, which put him in seventh place amid the 114 racers. Teammate and fellow sophomore Curtis Galstad had the team’s second highest finish in the competition; his time of 46:40.47 netted him 16th place.

Norah FitzGibbon a freshman, had Lake Mills’ best finish in the girls’ race. She took 22nd place with a time 58:58.38 among the 44 competitors. Sophomore Kate FitzGibbon had the second highest finish for the team. Her time of 1:00:48.42 resulted in 27th place. While the LMHS team was placed in Div. 1, the girls’ races were not divided into two divisions.

Earlier in the season, the LMHS team took ninth in the first, third and fourth races, and eighth in the second competition. The individual scores for the entire series put Smith in ninth place among 137 Div. 1 JVII racers for the best individual boys’ team finish with 1,738 season points. Sophomore Sydney Welch had the top season points for the Lake Mills JVII girls’ team; she earned 1,634 points to place 12th overall out of 54 competitors.

Outside of the competition, the state tournament marked the final race for Kathy Mock of Lake Mills, who is retiring from her position with the Wisconsin High School Cycling League. Since 2014, Mock has worked with co-founding chair Don Edberg, who is also retiring, to grow the program that now consists of more than 1,200 middle and high school student athletes, 700 coaches and 70 teams.

Complete boys team results: Liam Smith, 45:10.19 – 7th place; Curtis Galstad, 46:40.47 – 16th place; Jack Phillips, 48:52.98 – 37th place; Nathan Brzowski, 51:22.12 – 47th place; Yianni Logothetis, 53:51.94 – 67th place; Archie Cook, 55:45.47 – 85th place; Andrew Hamilton, 59:24.13 – 96th place; Montana Walker, 1:09:21.87 – 111th place

Complete girls team results: Norah FitzGibbon, 58:58.38 – 22nd place; FitzGibbon, 1:00:48.42 – 27th place; Sydney Welch, 1:01:38.08 – 30th place.

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