The Waunakee school board has approved more than a dozen programs set to take place in July, following guidance released by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction on Monday.

Superintendent Randy Guttenberg said organizers must first submit a plan for implementation.

“If for any reason they can’t meet expectations,” Guttenberg said, “then it doesn’t get approved. But we’d like the opportunity to start looking at how we can apply these policies in some desirable areas that are going to get some kids active, and gain us some experience in the process as well.”

Activities approved for next month include Extended School Year, Camp Kindergarten, high-school ACT testing, weight training, Gridiron Camp, band camp and two village rec courses.

One board member asked how Gridiron – the high school’s football camp – would be proceeding.

“It’s not football as usual,” Guttenberg said. “But it gets our kids active. It’s a large group, and they have a plan to rotate people through, from my understanding. Also, it doesn’t include some of their traditional workouts where there’s contact. That’s not going to be allowed.”

Guttenberg said classroom work will take place via videoconference, and that weight training would be managed through groups using facilities on a rotating basis.

Transportation for Transition students could begin as early as this month, the superintendent said.

“Transition students are 18- to 21-year-olds,” Guttenberg said. “And part of their program is working in job settings. So to the degree that those students and their families decide that’s a place where they want to be, transportation can be an issue for some of them.”

Student Services Director Kurt Eley agreed, noting that reduced work hours had allowed parents to provide transportation over the spring. Since then, some have been called back to their jobs.

“Now that the economy is starting to open up,” Eley said, “parents are having to return to work. So that transportation piece is becoming a challenge. And we don’t want students to be losing the jobs that they have secured to this point, because these are the jobs that they’ll maintain.”

Eley explained the procedure by which the district planned to provide transportation safely.

“We’d be utilizing four special-education vans,” Eley said. “They’re all numbered. A staff member would be assigned to a van, and a student would be assigned to the van. And the staff member, the student and the van would all stay constant.”

Eley said both students and drivers will be required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), and that the vans would be cleaned according to Public Health guidelines.

Another area of discussion was use of the high school’s weight room.

“I used to be in charge of many weight rooms and fitness centers over the years,” Director Brian Hoefer said. “And I know if MRSA broke out among our athletes, things were shut down pretty quickly. And I know the amount of care it takes to clean things. It’s very detailed.”

Guttenberg said health and safety protocols would need to be outlined in the plans submitted by organizers of each activity, which will then be vetted by members of district administration.

“We would open it up to the folks that are organizing these,” Guttenberg said. “Certainly, some of them are motivated to get their programs going. And they’ll have to meet the requirements to put together a detailed plan that address that. And if there are issues, it will stop.”

The full list of summer activities approved by the school board can be found on Boardbook.

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