May 28, 1925

Mrs. A.E. Lamboley entertained a group of classmates and friends of her daughter, Charlotte, the occasion being her 11th birthday.

The weather Sunday was very cool and a light snow was reported. A heavy frost did considerable damage.

A.J. Beck of Cottage Grove has opened an ice cream parlor in the Glen Deans place and will serve lunches.

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Schlitz of Windsor announce the birth of a daughter on Wednesday, May 20.


May 30, 1935

Mr. and Mrs. Roman Muscat announce the birth of a daughter on Monday, May 27.

The graduating class of St. John’s School enjoyed a holiday trip to Madison Thursday. They were accompanied by Sr. M. Sybilla and Sr. M. Francis Borgia.

Fred Schwenn, student at the Wisconsin College of Agriculture, was third high of all contestants in the fat stock judging contest.


May 30, 1940

A group of classmates and friends surprised Marion Fleiner Sunday, the occasion being her 17th birthday.

Miss Ellen Miller, 18, was fatally injured in an auto accident in Madison on Sunday.

George Hruby, brother of Mrs. Mary Hildebrandt, died at St. Mary’s Hospital on Friday.

The Waunakee High School alumni will hold a homecoming at the high school gym on June 4.


May 31, 1945

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hellenbrand announce the birth of a son on Thursday, May 24.

Mr. and Mrs. Simon Kirchesh will observe their 60th wedding anniversary on Saturday, June 2.

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kessenich announce the birth of a son at St. Mary’s Hospital on Sunday, May 27.

Mrs. Anna E. Beck, 84, died at her home in the Town of Westport on Friday.

Word has been received that Lt. Glenard C. Dean has been raised to the rank of Captain.


June 1, 1950

C.J. Schmidt delivered a bull to the Krainik Bros. Tuesday that tipped the scales at 2,580 lbs. and brought $541.80.

Twenty-six graduates of the high school will receive their diplomas at Commencement Exercises to be held tonight (Thursday).

Little George Steffan Jr. observed his 2nd birthday anniversary on Monday, May 29.


May 26, 1960

Traditional Memorial Day ceremonies will be held on Monday, May 30. Rev. Archie Adams of St. John’s Parish will be the speaker.

Miss Barbara Ann Fell and Francis A. Selje exchanged vows Saturday at 11 a.m. at St. Mary of the Lake Catholic Church, Westport.

Mrs. Mary Ellen Kalscheur became the bride of Joseph Meffert on Tuesday, May 17, in St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Pine Bluff.


May 28, 1970

The 1970 Waunakee commencement exercise will be held on Wednesday, June 3, at 8 p.m. Virginia Endres will be the valedictorian, Sharon Endres, salutorian, and Gordon Wipperfurth, class representative.

The new civil defense siren for Waunakee is being installed this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Greiber, Waunakee, will observe their 25th wedding anniversary with a Mass of Thanksgiving at St. John’s Church at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 7.


May 28, 1980

Teresa Zimbric, 5, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Zimbric, was this year’s Poppy Girl for Memorial Day Service conducted by members of the Waunakee American Legion Post 360.

Graduation for the 1980 Senior Class of Waunakee will be held on Friday, May 30, at 8 p.m.

Christina Lynn Davis, age 4, passed away on Thursday, May 22, after a long illness.


May 31, 1990

Voters will decide on June 5 whether the Waunakee school district should borrow up to $6 million to build a new middle school adjacent to the high school.

Larry Endres of Endres Manufacturing has bought some more land to accommodate the goats he plans to keep there during the summer.

This week’s Tribune Profile features Betty Ripp, who spent her life living on a farm and now resides in the Dormal Heights subdivision.


May 25, 2000

Pea sized hail and almost 6 inches of rain fell in Waunakee May 18, a deluge that flooded a number of roads.

Residents of the Six Mile Creek subdivision are dealing with foxes that have made a home in their neighborhood.

Don and Joanne Tierney received the Friend of the Environment Award from the Wisconsin Environmental Working Group.


May 27, 2010

Not one person showed up Monday during a public hearing for three Waunakee taverns’ outdoor seating plans. The Waun-A-Bowl, Gold Nugget and Ripp’s Bar all presented outdoor seating plans during the May 24 meeting, all three with patio areas ranging from 335 to 350 square feet designed to accommodate customers when the statewide smoking ban goes into effect this July.

The DNR is putting up trail cameras to try to locate a cougar that attacked a cow in Juneau County recently.

It may be the first time in at least a century in Wisconsin that a cougar has gone after a farm animal, Wisconsin Public Radio reports.

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