Michelle McGrath, 48, has authored a self-help book aimed at young adults. McGrath was the assistant principal at Waunakee High School from 1998-2005.

Waunakee’s Michelle McGrath has written a self-help book which is now available on Amazon. McGrath served as assistant principal at the high school from 1998-2005.

Her book, “Dropping the F-Bomb” was inspired by a realization she came to in those years.

“As an AP, I would issue disorderly-conduct tickets to kids for saying (the F-word),” McGrath said. “It’s the word that got me grounded as a teenager. But ultimately, people were just saying it because they were fearful. They had failed or felt flawed, and that was the underlying cause.”

Now executive director for the Wisconsin Association of School Councils, where she has worked the past 15 years, McGrath said people need to think positively by focusing on different F-words.

That’s the message she sends throughout her 297-page book, which was released in August.

“The book is actually called ‘Dropping the F-Bomb: Proven Strategies to be Fearless, Forward and Fulfilled,’” McGrath said. “So the book is filled with 10 different strategies that people can use to become just that – fearless, forward and fulfilled.”

McGrath has called them her “Silver Lining Strategies,” some of which focus on goal-setting and others of which center around building positive relationships in life.

One such strategy she refers to as “The Power of Seven.”

“Who are the seven people at your table,” McGrath said, “encouraging you and giving you the support you need to move yourself forward? If you keep filling your table with people who are negative and unsupportive, you’re just going to stay stuck. So how do you get the right people?”

McGrath said that and other advice had often been the subject of discussions she led in her job, where part of her work is public speaking and producing motivational content.

“I had been doing this blog for my association,” McGrath said, “and sending out things that would start with a quote and then go into a story about what I learned in my life. And a lot of people got back to me and said, ‘That was really good. You should write a book someday.’”

McGrath took the feedback to heart and, in 2017, began compiling the stories she shared.

Three years later, she had already accumulated enough content for a book. She would go on to publish “Dropping the F-Bomb” through Amazon’s self-publishing feature on Aug. 14.

Within a week, it was the No. 1 new release in three categories.

Although the book is aimed at young adults, McGrath said readers of any age should be able to learn from its lessons… or at the very least, enjoy its humor.

“My children have read it and loved it,” McGrath said. “I’ve had friends my parents’ age who have read it, and said they couldn’t put it down. So I think, demographically, it fits a lot of different age ranges because it has stories about all stages of life.”

Further information about the book can be found on McGrath’s website:

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