Led by three runners in the top 10, the Waunakee girls cross country team finished second at the Deerfield/Cambridge quadrangular last Saturday.

The Lady Warriors finished with 50 team points to place second behind Shorewood, which turned in a perfect score of 50. DeForest (77) came in third.

The Warrior boys came in fourth behind Shorewood (29), DeForest (43) and Deerfield/Cambridge (69) with 90 points.

On the girls’ side, Shorewood earned the perfect score after Bella Lozier (19 minutes, 29 seconds), Annika Elliott (20:09.44), Addie Kemp (20:49.99), Louisa Fowler (20:58.86) and Grace Optekar (21:17.96) claimed the top five spots.

Waunakee’s Anna Vanderhoef broke Shorewood’s streak after placing in sixth place with her time of 21:52.46.

The Lady Warriors also had Lila Branchaw (22:17.80) and Jordyn Jarvi (22:24.85) finish in the top 10. They placed back-to-back in ninth and 10th place, respectively.

Waunakee got a big boost after the group of Kelsey King (13th, 22:31.56), Charlise Smith (14th, 22:44.89), Malia Niles (15th, 22:54.0) and Carla Schwitters (16th, 23:11.63) finished within in a few seconds of each other. King and Smith wrapped up the team score for the Warriors.

Also running for the Lady Warriors were Mckenna Hughey (20th, 23:40.91), Darya Pronina (23rd, 23:56.02), Brinely Everson (25th, 24:21.01), Warren Ambord (27th, 24:45.75), Madelyn McGuire (28th, 24:47.11), Valerie Cisewski (34th, 25:16.41), Kyla Schmitt (36th, 25:24.17), Lauren Meudt (38th, 25:56.21), Anna Englebert (42nd, 26:44.82), Cecilia Lemery (44th, 26:51.33), Lucy Doll (46th, 27:33.12), Gabrielle McFadden (48th, 27:55.67), Bailey Grau (49th, 27:58.15), Robyn Ryan (52nd, 28:29.71), Sydney Radwin (55th, 29:49.93) and Isabelle Hahn (58th, 30:27.33).

Meanwhile, the Waunakee boys were shut out of the top 10 on Saturday.

Shorewood had Nathan Cumberbatch (17:02.13) and Adam O’Connor (17:47.26) claim first and third place, respectively. Deerfield/Cambridge’s Zach Huffman (17:21.79) was the runner-up.

Andrew Regnier was the first Warrior to cross the finish line. He came in 13th place after clocking in at 18:31.03.

The Warriors’ Todd Niles (18:36.60) came in 16th place, while Alexander Korth (19:06.49) and Paul Busse (19:15.44) placed 21st and 22nd, respectively.

Cole Kettner (19:20.47) closed out the team score for Waunakee after placing 24th, while teammate Carter Blackburn (19:23.13) followed in 25th place.

Baylor Smith (28th, 19:37.32), Coleson Lincoln (30th, 19:48.45), Benjamin Willem (31st, 19:48.97), Benjamin Korth (35th, 20:34.04), Kyle Davis (41st, 21:14.45), Nathaniel Bound (47th, 21:33.15), Aaron Hebblewhite (48th, 21:34.93), Jonathan Kluck (52nd, 22:14.89), Braden Miller (53rd, 22:15.72), William Valinotti (55th, 22:22.63), Isak Drangstveit (56th, 22:40.13), Luke Chambers (59th, 22:55.16), Isaac Fliearman (60th, 22:59.94), Jack Kashuk (61st, 23:07.49), Joshua Groene (62nd, 23:18.35) and Aaron Greiber (63rd, 23:33.81), Ian Schroeder (65th, 23:40.34), Gavin Cisewski (66th, 23:51.11), Colin Dixon (67th, 23:54.91), Samuel Busse (69th, 24:09.31), Cole Krudop (71st, 24:56.22), Andrew Meintjes (72nd, 25:08.90), Avner Fuhrman (73rd, 25:10.63), Cade Reddington (76th, 25:47.57), Levi Christian (77th, 26:21.58), Paul Burczyk (78th, 26:56.36), Nathan Tuschi (80th, 28:29.50) and Jack Lutz (81st, 29:58.04) also took part in the race for Waunakee.

Waunakee will host Deerfield in a dual at Ripp Park at 9 a.m. on Saturday.

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