Scene of the accident

Woodland Drive residents were left without power most of Tuesday afternoon, after a delivery truck snagged a telecommunications while backing onto the road. The accident caused a utility pole to snap, and a power line to fall on top of the vehicle. Fortunately, both the driver and passenger escaped unscathed.

More than 460 Waunakee Utilities customers were left without electricity Tuesday afternoon, following an accident on the village’s south side.

According to electric superintendent Dave Dresen, a delivery truck came into contact with a low-hanging telecommunications line as it exited the driveway at 5891 Woodland Drive around 2:30 p.m. As the truck proceeded, it pulled the telecommunications line taut and a utility pole that had been supporting it snapped.

“And when the electrical wires came down, they landed on the truck,” Dresen said. “They were still energized, so the truck caught on fire.”

The driver applied an air brake, and exited the cab with his passenger. Neither were injured.

“Usually, you don’t want to get out of a vehicle when there’s a power line on it,” Dresen said, “because the electricity is dissipating into the ground. But the breaker tripped, so everything was de-energized. So it did what it was supposed to. Nobody got hurt. That’s the main thing.”

Power was restored to most residences later in the afternoon, except those located on Woodland Drive which the utility company stated would be without power “for a while longer.”

Dresen said the utility pole will be replaced shortly.

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