In their final preparation for the WIAA postseason, the Waunakee girls and boys cross country teams swept visiting Deerfield/Cambridge on Oct. 3.

The Lady Warriors garnered a perfect score in a 15-50 victory.

The Waunakee boys had a close battle with Deerfield/Cambridge, but pulled out a 24-33 victory.

The Lady Warriors dominated the dual. They had the top nine runners in the race.

Anna Vanderhoef captured the individual win for Waunakee. She finished the race in 20 minutes, 26.2 seconds.

The Warriors’ Kelsey King was a close second with her time of 20:28.9.

Malia Niles (third, 22:03.4), Jordyn Jarvi (fourth, 22:14.2) and Carla Schwitters (fifth, 22:27.3) closed out the team score for Waunakee.

The Warriors’ Brinley Everson (sixth, 22:35.3), Darya Pronina (seventh, 22:52.4), Lila Branchaw (eighth, 22:55.5) and Charlise Smith (ninth, 23:19.0) rounded out the top nine.

Also competing for the Lady Warriors were Mckenna Hughey (11th, 23:27.4), Georgia Rae Samuelson (12th, 23:41.5), Valerie Cisewski (13th, 23:51.3), Madelyn McGuire (14th, 24:03.8), Kyla Schmitt (16yh, 24:45.3), Polina Zvereva-Dedele (17th, 25:02.8), Lauren Meudt (19th, 25:35.3), Anna Englebert (20th, 25:56.4), Lucy Doll (21st, 26:11.3), Gabrielle McFadden (23rd, 27:03.7), Cecilia Lemery (24th, 27:05.0), Bailey Grau (25th, 27:08.2) and Robyn Ryan (26th, 28:06.8).

Mara Brown was the first Deerfield/Cambridge runner to finish the race. She finished in 10th place with her time of 23:21.5.

Maggie Schmude (15th, 24:04.4), Gillian Thompson (18th, 25:12.7), Erika Lund (22nd, 26:44.1) and Mia Pollasky (27th, 29:06.2) were the final scoring runners for Deerfield/Cambridge.


The Waunakee boys were able to edge Deerfield/Cambridge after putting six runners in the top 10.

The Warriors’ Andrew Regnier sprinted his way to the race victory. He had a winning time of 18:24.1.

Deerfield/Cambridge had Liam Brown (18:30.5) and Martin Kimmel (18:51.1) place second and third, respectively.

Waunakee grabbed control of the dual after Alexander Korth (18:54.2), Paul Busse (19:24.2) and Todd Niles (19:25.7) finished back-to-back-to-back in fourth, fifth and sixth place, respectively.

Coleson Lincoln (19:37.3) secured the team win for the Warriors by placing eight, while Cole Kettner (10th, 19:44.6) was their final top-10 finisher.

Also running for Waunakee was Kyle Davis (11th, 20:12.4), Benjamin Willem (12th, 20:28.0), Benjamin Korth (14th, 20:33.3), William Valinotti (16th, 20:53.1), Nathaniel Bound (19th, 21:31.8), Luke Chambers (21st, 21:55.5), Isak Drangstveit (23rd, 22:28.1), Jack Kashuk (24th, 22:28.6), Isaac Fliearman (25th, 22:28.6), Aaron Hebblewhite (26th, 22:29.6), Jonathan Kluck (27th, 22:38.7), Braden Miller (28th, 22:40.6), Joshua Groene (31st, 23:14.6), Aaron Greiber (32nd, 23:16.8), Ian Schroeder (33rd, 23:27.1), Cade Reddington (34th, 23:39.0), Colin Dixon (37th, 24:24.1), Samuel Busse (38th, 24:30.7), Gavin Cisewski (39th, 24:34.7), Andrew Meintjes (40th, 24:47.1), Avner Fuhrman (41st, 25:02.8), Cole Krudop (42nd, 25:03.4) and Levi Christian (45th, 26:27.1).

Carter Brown (seventh, 19:26.4), Jonathan Jones (ninth, 19:42.1) and Kalob Kimmel (13th, 20:31.0) closed out the team score for Cambridge-Deerfield.

The Warriors will now gear up for the WIAA postseason. They will take part in the WIAA Division 1 DeForest Subsectional on Oct. 20 and the Portage Sectional on Oct. 24.

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