Mary Anne Brown

Mary Anne Brown

For nearly a decade, one Dane native has been sharing her knowledge of healing, through the mind, body and soul.

Mary Anne Brown continues her journey of helping people overcome life tragedies with her new book “Complete Healing”. This book follows her first book published in 2010, “Rise Above: Down-to-earth think from Wisconsin,” which includes 55 short chapters on different thoughts and ideas people get stuck on that prevents them from being happy.

Brown said her new book is entirely different and will help people understand their traumas to determine how they can heal.

“It’s really causing people to dig deep inside of themselves and really exposing everything about themselves, causing them to face everything,” she said.

The book comes after Brown faced a series of her own challenges, including family issues a series of health issues that she said were mysterious to doctors. Over the last decade, she said she has been given knowledge from hundreds of different healers of all types.

After giving a public talk on all that she learned, she said she determined it was best for her to turn what she knows into a book. She breaks her book down into different aspects that affect the conditions of someone’s mind, body and soul.

“It’s not just your physical body; there’s so much more going on,” Brown said. “We all know it, we just don’t stop to take the time to dig into those other aspects of ourselves.”

Along with her book, she is also on a journey to donating $1 million to charity. After taking several years off due to her own tragedies and challenges, she is back again by having the sale of every book go toward a charity.

Brown said she lets whoever is coordinating events for her book sales choose the charity so it provides a local impact. So far she has donated over $20,000 toward causes such as food pantries, cancer, nonprofits and domestic violence.

She said the book is there to help anyone of any age think about their emotional condition. She said she’s hoping to reach real people by selling the book where people go every day. Her books are currently being sold at Peg and Doc’s Sports Bar and Grill in Dane and Sweet Pea Floral in Waunakee, but she is planning to approach more retail locations in the near future.

For more information about Brown and her books, visit her website at

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