Crafts with Ms. Connie

With families at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Tribune asked Connie Gavinski at the Waunakee Village Center to share some activities parents and children can do together at home. Crafts with Ms. Connie with publish each week, providing recipes for fun and creativity.

Magic Glue Pictures

What You Need:

-school type glue that dries clear



-tissue or cotton ball to blend

What to Do:

-draw a picture or design with glue

-let it dry completely (overnight if the glue is thick)

-color chalk over the paper and dry glue

-blend the chalk by rubbing with a tissue, pressing especially hard around the glue

-the glue resists the chalk and leaves a beautiful picture

-you could also use watercolors or other paints for the same resist effect

We’d love to see everyone’s Magic Glue creations. Please share them with us on the Village Center Facebook page.

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