Families can read the pages of “Ten Timid Ghosts” as they walk the trails at Schumacher Farm Park.

While Schumacher Farm Park’s Halloween at the Farm has been canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, families can still get out to the park and enjoy a ghost story now.

The trails just west of the parking lot have been transformed into a StoryWalk, with pages from a book laminated and posted on boards along the way.

StoryWalk was created in 2007 by Anne Ferguson in Monteplier, Vermont, when she worked for the Vermont Department of Public Health.

At Schumacher Farm, the book is “Ten Timid Ghosts,” and it invites families to walk the trails and enjoy a Halloween story.

Park Administrator Amy Jo Dusick said she had been working on creating a StoryWalk at the park, noting that Lake Farm County Park has one set up. Then Mary Manering, an advisory board member at Schumacher Farm Park, raised the idea.

Dusick said children can wear a costume to the park and hike the trails while reading.

Typically children’s books geared for ages K-5 are chosen for the walks, Dusick said, with about 15 panels.

Dusick said she hopes to partner with other Dane County Parks and the Waunakee Public Library to swap story panels they’ve created.

At Schumacher Farm Park, the idea is to introduce new stories to the walk monthly, as weather permits.

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