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Shown is the post on Facebook announcing the Sean and Marcia Reimer performance as part of the Create Waunakee Entertainment Break at 6:30 p.m. April 16.

As most of us are home working, taking care of kids and ourselves, the Create Waunakee Committee has launched a new outlet to not only distract us but also showcase local artists.

The Safer at Home Entertainment breaks began April 16 with a musical show from Sean and Marcia Reimer.

“This kind of originated out of the hopes and dreams that the Create Waunakee committee had already been talking about before the COVID pandemic came to fruition,” said Todd Schmidt, Waunakee’s administrator and economic development director. “One of the desired projects involved wanting to showcase local talent somehow and some way, though we hadn’t yet defined that.”

With the Safer at Home order, the committee looked to pursue virtual talent sharing as a creative way to deliver some entertainment “from the talented people in the village to the people in our village.”

Sean Reimer said the first Waunakee Safer at Home Entertainment Break would be somewhat interactive, with shout-outs and a live performance.

Reimer’s wife, Marcia was part of a faith-based singer at FPC for six years, and they formed Moxie with another member, then formed Countrywide, which covers more than just country music.

“We play everything. Tonight we’re just going to play kind of a cross section of what we do with Countrywide and Moxie and a few extra songs thrown in.”

He and his wife will talk about the various bands they’ve been in and the local businesses that have supported them and how we need to support them at this time.

They will also talk about Create Waunakee, an effort to reveal creative endeavors in the Waunakee area.

“It’s just a way to allow families to come together and people to enjoy some things they’ve been unable to enjoy. The normal aspect of enjoying live music is something that’s been cut from us, so we can add it back into daily life by doing things like this.”

The other goal is to share local talent – not just musical talent – but possibly dance and drama from local students as well.

“We hope to intermix it and hopefully do a couple of these a week as long as we’re confined to this Safer at Home situation,” Schmidt said.

Access to the Entertainment Breaks can be found at the Create Waunakee Facebook page, said West. It will be broadcast through Zoom. By liking the Create Waunakee Facebook page, people will be notified of the Entertainment Breaks.

The Create Waunakee Committee was created to bring joy to the people of Waunakee, Schmidt said.

“Our hope is that this little piece of effort here during the COVID pandemic will do just that, will bring opportunity for people of our village to experience joy,” Schmidt said.

West said if community members want to be part of this and to perform, they can reach out to her at kwest@waunakee.com.

Schmidt said another goal of the Create Waunakee committee is to build exposure so that it becomes the place residents turn to to learn about creative endeavors in Waunakee. The hope is that the effort will give people a greater opportunity to visit the website at createwaunakee.com and the Facebook page to stay tuned to the organization’s work.

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