With families at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Tribune asked Connie Gavinski at the Waunakee Village Center to share some activities parents and children can do together at home. Crafts with Ms. Connie with publish each week, providing recipes for fun and creativity.

Scuba Mask Craft

Things you need:

-paper plate


-colored paper or crayons and white paper


Cut a circle in the inside of the paper plate

Cut out mask and snorkel

Glue those pieces on the paper plate

Wear the mask and scuba dive around your house or yard. Use your imagination to see all kinds of ocean creatures.

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Ms. Connie says this is one of her favorite outside crafts. If you like drawing with chalk in your driveway, try this fun alternative.

Mix equal parts corn starch and warm water until the starch is dissolved. Add a few drops of food coloring. Paint your sidewalk and watch it dry just like chalk.

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