Different sizes can be used to create a whole family of caterpillars.

With families staying home during the coronavirus pandemic, the Tribune asked Connie Gavinski at the Waunakee Village Center to share some activities parents and children can do together. Crafts with Ms. Connie provides recipes for fun and creativity.

Cute Caterpillar


-egg carton



-googly eyes


-pipe cleaner

What to Do:

Bring back an old-school craft and create a cute caterpillar just as all the real caterpillars are emerging outdoors. Cut a paper egg carton for the body of the caterpillar. Paint the entire caterpillar and let it dry. Add eyes and a smile to the head of the caterpillar. Poke a small hole in the top of the head and add pipe cleaner antennas. Create some of different lengths and make a whole family of caterpillars.

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